Following the OFSTED inspection, we are pleased to announce that we have been recognised as a good school.

What does the report say;

The headteacher provides clear direction that has a very positive impact on improving teaching and raising standards. The school has a strong capacity for continuing to improve.

Teaching across the school is good. Teachers’ effectively use assessment, clear explanations and setting of challenging work ensures pupils learn well.

Pupils currently make good progress and reach above standards in English and mathematics at the end of Year 6.

Results in Year 1 check of pupils knowledge of the sounds that letters make (phonics) has been above average for the past two years.

Effective assessment procedures identify any pupils falling behind their peers and they are given swift and effective support to catch up.

Children in the early years are taught and cared for very well. They make good progress and are well prepared for Year 1.

Pupils enjoy school, behave well and feel extremely safe. They are polite, respectful and keen to learn. They readily take on additional responsibilities, with maturity and confidence.

The school promotes pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development very well. It ensures that pupils are being prepared effectively for life in modern Britain.

The governing body very well led by the chair, has improved the way it holds school to account. The governors are now very effective in supporting and challenging the school to improve further.

Ofsted Report

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2021-22 KS2 Results

2021-22 Phonics Results

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2018-19 KS2 Results

2018-19 Phonics Results

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